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What Do Our Clients Say?

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    Yasmine Gulzar Founder, Ratio Academy, Wales, UK

    I am a single mother of 6 with a heart a disease; living in Cardiff, U.K. I had an idea to build an online course but was a bit chicken. Troy Holder inspired & nudges me in the right direction every time I slowed down or doubted. When you have Troy in your corner, you may get push to make a leap but you will not be alone. I have transformed from a panic-stricken chicken to an energetic eagle

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    Kalyn Mairyshaw Founder, LuxFinity Anguilla

    My business needed a boost and my search led me to Troy Holder. His bubbly personality made me feel so confident and comfortable which eased my uncertainties. We worked on growing my social media presence and my business. He has taught me so well, my social media presence increase from no presence to daily engagement. He still coaches me and is always there to guide and advice. If you are looking to take your business to the other level, working with Mr. Holder is the way to go.


How It Works?

You have an amazing message to share; you are passionate about impacting lives with products and services design to help and transform. You need help to market your business and ideas, yet you are busy juggling competing priorities. Yes, it can be frustrating accessing the solutions you need as many persons just don’t see your vision and dreams. We at My Marketing Clinic identify with your challenges. Because marketing should not be a painful experience, we use the familiar clinical 4 step process, designed to give you efficient and actionable solutions to fix your marketing situations.


To simply schedule your consultation complete the appointment form with relevant information. We recommend you adequately prepare for the consultations, with supporting documents.


During our call, we will clearly be defining the problem or opportunity and situation. This is critical so that our focus is on the root cause and not just the symptoms. If you don’t get to the root, the problem will likely recur, perhaps with different symptoms.


We will summons the most relevant solutions, then work with you to prioritize the potential, based on your resources. We agree an acceptable solution, doable now, may be superior to an excellent solution with higher complexity, longer time-frame, and higher stress.


We will plan a course of action to get your desired destination. We are know you may need step by step guidance to effectively implement the ideal solution and we are here to help. You will need to set specific deadlines and assign responsibility for the tasked required.


Designed for you with love.

What would it be worth to you and your family, for you to have access to ideas, tactics and strategies that kisses away the frustrations of marketing. How about having a spirited marketing professional who, listens, analyze, informs, guides, inspires and challenges you to reach beyond your moons and your stars?

Marketing Magic

As a female entrepreneur, with a vision to manifest your dreams, ideas and personal passions, you will require effective soul based marketing strategies that aligns with your personality. When you need a sprinkle of inspiration or answers to build your dream marketing plans we are here. The next time you are impregnated with life altering ideas we will be here to help you through the labouring to birth your new experience and venture.

Brand Naturing

Oh, how sweet it is being paid for the value you bring to the lives of others. We know the 5 branding boosters required to reposition you for visibility and greater success beyond increase income. We both know becoming a client attraction magnet with, higher paying clients requires more than a logo and a social media page. Are you ready to clarify your position, amplify your message and monetize your knowledge? Let’s get started branding like a boss.

Social Media Mastery

Social media presence is a must-have resource for your marketing tools. Many entrepreneurs struggle with crafting messages that resonate with your community. Have you ever struggled to identify what and when to post? We know the challenges and stand ready to help you craft a social media solution that will provide you with the answers to your challenges. Go ahead connect with us today a social media marketing professional is waiting to assist you.

Stylish Design

Have you been frustrated by your favourite graphics designer? Yes, she can design but struggles to manifest your ideas. Truth be told you are not alone. As graphic designers re-birthed as marketing professionals we are ready to bridge the communication gap. With over 20 years experience on the agency and client side. We are ready to help you get the most from our design teams. We speak the language of business. Finally, you can have the design answers you need.

Selling from the heart

Are you confused by the mix messages being shared about selling? How many times have you been told that you should not sell via social media, but instead seek to build relationships? Yet how many times have you heard without selling you can't convert prospects to consumers. We know it can be mind-boggling, that's why we are here to help you untangle the web so you can have more time for your family, friends and things you love. And yes more sales.

Free Offers That Gain

You have heard giving away free content, free advice, free products or free solutions is an ideal way to attract potential customers... yet struggle with how much to give, what to give and to whom to give. You are not only and the team at ‘MyMarketingClinic” have helped many overcome these challenges, now we are ready to help you. The truth is, a well crafted “Freemium” (Free Premium Offer) is a valuable resource for giving your prospects risk-free access to your awesomeness.

Our Packages

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We know YOU have the PASSION and DESIRE to help people and we are ready to help you help more people. Just let us know what you need help with.

ER Responder


60 Minute Private Consultation

Billed On Demand

  • 15 Min Follow up in 2 weeks
  • 2 weeks Emergency Email Access
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Fast Tracker


3 X 60 Minute Private Sessions

Billed on Demand

  • 3o Min Follow up 4 weeks after 3rd Session
  • 15 Min Follow up Between Sessions
  • 2 Months Emergency Email Access
  • Post SessionStrategy Assignments
  • 1 Social Media Page Audit
  • 1 Design or Brand Audit
  • 2 MthFacebook Messenger Access
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6 X 60 Minute Private Sessions

Billed in 1 to 3 Installments

  • Accelerator Plan
  • 2 x 3o Min Follow up 4 weeks after 6th Session
  • 15 Min Follow up Between Sessions
  • 3 Months Emergency Email Access
  • Post SessionStrategy Assignments
  • 2 Social Media Page Audits
  • 1 Social Media Content Strategy
  • 2Graphic Design Reviews
  • 1 Brand Audit
  • 3 MthFacebook Messenger Access
  • 3 MthUnlimited Email Access
  • Private Facebook Community
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12 X 60 Minute Private Sessions

Billed in 1 to 5 Installments

  • Business Accelerator Plan
  • Lifestyle Enhancer Plan
  • Lifestyle Enhancer Plan
  • Six Figure Blueprint
  • Brand Enhancer
  • 3o Min Follow up 4 weeks after 10th Session
  • 3o Min Follow up 8 weeks after 10th Session
  • 3o Min Keep On Track Accountability Call
  • 15 Min Follow up Between Sessions
  • 6 Months Emergency Email Access
  • Post SessionStrategy Assignments
  • 3 Social Media Page Audits
  • 2 Social Media Content Strategy
  • 2 Social Media Cover Art
  • 1 Instagram Hashtag Strategy
  • 2 Design Review
  • 1 Brand Audit
  • 3 MthFacebook Messenger Access
  • 3 MthUnlimited Email Access
  • Private Facebook Community
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Troy J. Holder

Hi! I am Troy Holder, also known as the “MarketingDoc” a heart-centred marketing professional with a passion for helping women in business, amplify their brands, maximize their opportunities and resolve challenges without frustration. For 23 years I have informed, guide, inspire and challenge, entrepreneurs and business leaders to amplify their marketing and sales to achieve their desired lifestyle. Oh yes! The information, ideas and solutions I have shared, via consultations, coaching, seminars and speaking engagements have netted over $5 Billion dollars in sales. I have lectured marketing and design at university and college. I have worked in advertising and media on both the corporate and agency sides. The journey continues to be exciting, now I'm ready to share with you what I have kept secret and only shared with my premium clients. Are You Ready? Let’s go!

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Questions and Answers.

We at My Marketing Clinic know you will have questions before you set sail with us onto the beautiful new horizon. As your marketing and business growth partner, we are happy to provide you with the information you need.

How do I know if My Marketing Clinic is a good match for me?

As marketing coaches, consultants and trainers we can help almost any legitimate business,. However, there are specific industries and business types where we may not be the best fit. We will be happy to discuss your situation confidentially, and will immediately let you know whether or not we think we are a good fit for your business.

Do you help clients with business strategy?

Yes. Although our greatest expertise is in marketing strategy and execution, we also help clients with other issues. These include business strategy, work-life balance & personal development. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation in confidence.

Who is behind My Marketing Clinic

The team of marketing professionals are lead by Troy J. Holder a marketing trainer, coach and consultant with 23 years experience helping professionals & entrepreneurs of micro to multi-million dollar organizations amplify their marketing, sales and branding.

Do you offer customized packages?

The 4 offers are designed to meet the needs of most entrepreneurs and small businesses, marketing coaching, marketing training and marketing consulting needs. However, if you need a customized solution we will seek to assist you.

What’s the difference between a coach, a consultant & a trainer?

Your marketing coach works with you to develop your marketing solutions and then guides and inspire you to achieve your goals with your resources.
Your marketing coach is your advisor and confidant, encouraging you to take action and stay focused. Your marketing consultant will work with you to develop your marketing strategy and then focus on doing the work for you.
Your marketing trainer helps you develop and learn skills and abilities to be confident in planning and implementing marketing activities.

How do I know if I need coaching, consulting, trainer or all 3?

Many entrepreneurs & small businesses will need marketing coaching, consulting and training. For daily execution, coaching can help you stay focused on getting results. For projects you are not comfortable with or knowledgeable of that needs to be done quickly, engaging the services of a marketing consultant will be a wise investment. If you are keen on learning more about the application of marketing then a marketing trainer can help you reach your goal faster.

Let Us Help Your Amplify Your Message!

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EARNINGS DISCLAIMERS: This is not a "get rich" solution that guarantees instant wealth or results. This is an educational program for educational use so that you can learn what options help you grow. Your results are up to you. Because we don't know you, we can't guarantee specific results in your case, or any results at all for that matter, by law. All we can do is guarantee your satisfaction.